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HERO Shaper RCT Files: To succeed your root canal preparation

HERO Shaper: To succeed your root canal preparation
HERO Shaper gradually eliminates interferences and flares the canal. The varying helical pitch and length of the cutting portion of the files provide them with an excellent combination of efficiency, flexibility and strength.
  • Root canal shaping is facilitated. Limits the risks of breakage thanks to the use of Nickel-Titanium. With tapered canal preparation, the inactive tip respects canal anatomy.
  • HERO Shaper can be used in 3 sequences so as to cope with any curve of the root.
  • HERO Shaper guarantees simple, quick and efficient canal preparation.

An innovative pitch:

  • Avoids screwing effects: the helical angle of the cutting edges varies from the tip to the shank.
  • The new pitch also varies according to the taper: the more tapered an instrument is, the longer is its pitch; this can be described as an ADAPTED pitch. Increased instrument performance :
Efficiency/ Flexibility/ Strength



A positive advance in root canal preparation:

  • The blade shows a triple helix cutting edge.
  • The tip is inactive in order to follow the canal anatomy.

This root canal treatment method is faster and allows:

  • Improved patient comfort.
  • Time saving: 10 seconds of use per instrument for efficient shaping.
  • Reduced operator fatigue.
  • Less instruments to handle.
  • Reproducible results.
  • Increased safety:
    • No screwing effect.
    • Excellent debris evacuation.


Anti Breakage Control: the instrument “unwinds” to prevent the risk of fracture.




Usage Protocol


Yellow sequence: Difficult canals, severely curved, possibly with significant hyper calcification, making any first penetration tricky with the finest hand files.


Speed 300 to 600 rpm

Red sequence: Canals of average difficulty with moderate curvature and/or more hyper calcification, making first penetration with a n°10 K file hard to achieve.

Speed 300 to 600 rpm


Blue sequence: Easy canal preparation, low curvature, orifice and canal large enough to allow a n°15 K file to reach the Apex.

Speed 300 to 600 rpm

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